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Exempt Vehicles

Exempt Vehicles on the I-85 Express Lanes

All vehicles, including those designated as “toll exempt,” must be registered with an active Peach Pass account and transponder to use the Express Lanes. Toll-exempt vehicles include registered:

  • Transit vehicles (e.g. Xpress coaches, MARTA buses, van pools, etc.)
  • Carpools with three or more occupants
  • Motorcycles
  • On-call emergency vehicles
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) with the proper AFV license plates (does not include hybrid vehicles)


View a list of Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2013-2014 as designated by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Peach Pass customers with fewer than three occupants in the vehicle can use the Express Lanes for a toll fee. Toll rates are displayed at each Express Lanes entry point on changeable message signs, allowing drivers to choose whether entering the Express Lanes makes sense for them at any given time. The Express Lanes are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A combination of tolling system enforcement and Department of Public Safety visual enforcement ensures that only vehicles with an active Peach Pass account and transponder use the Express Lanes and that vehicles enter and exit the Express Lanes in the proper areas.  The maximum fine for an I-85 Express Lane violation is $25, plus the toll amount.


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