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Carpooling - another way to earn toll credits!

Posted May 01, 2015 by Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director
Chris Tomlinson

The State Road and Tollway Authority, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Georgia Commute Options program, is excited to announce a third Commuter Credits Pilot Program for Peach Pass customers that use the I-85 Express Lanes: Start a Carpool – Earn Toll Credits

Peach Pass customers that form a new, two-person carpool instead of driving alone to and from work can earn up to $100 in cash and another $100 in toll credits! You can share the driving with someone else, save money on gas and car expenses, reduce your stress and split the cost of tolls in the I-85 Express Lane.

Participants must sign up for Georgia Commute Option’s $3 a Day program and log their carpool commutes on the I-85 Express Lanes over an assigned 90-day period. Peach Pass customers who start a carpool and ride in the I-85 Express Lanes can earn $3 a day, up to $100, from Georgia Commute Options and can also also earn $3 a day, up to $100, in Peach Pass toll credits. 

If you already carpool and ride in the I-85 Express Lanes, there’s an incentive for you too! You can earn $25 prizes from Georgia Commute Options and $25 in toll credits just by logging your carpool commutes Every log enters you into a random monthly drawing for a $25 VISA card and $25 in toll credits.

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