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The Many Benefits of Riding Transit

Posted Apr 03, 2015 by Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director
Chris Tomlinson

Riding the Xpress or GCT commuter transit service to and from work is not just about earning toll credits for switching up how you get to and from work, although that is one GREAT benefit.

  • Someone else does the driving – you can sit back, relax and take a nap, read or get caught up on work
  • You save money on your commute – not only will you save on tolls AND earn toll credits, but you’ll be saving money on gas and car expenses by leaving your car in the Park and Ride lot.
  • Less stress – Xpress and GCT riders report less stress by not having to worry about driving and being able to cruise down the I-85 Express Lanes.

It’s easy to get started – we have a list of resources from eligible routes to nearby park and ride lots and much more. Click here to learn more.

Once you give it a try, visit our Facebook page and tell us what benefits you appreciate the most!

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