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Where can your Peach Pass take you?

Posted Nov 13, 2014 by Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director
Chris Tomlinson

We are excited to announce that in addition to providing more commuting options throughout Georgia, your Peach Pass now gives you the same benefits in Florida and North Carolina too.

For Georgia motorists with a Peach Pass Personal Toll Account your Peach Pass affords you access to tolls roads in in Florida and North Carolina. In addition, where applicable, Peach Pass customers will receive the same rates as the SunPass and NC Quick Pass customers, rather than the higher cash rate.

Peach Pass customers should regularly check their account online or by calling the Peach Pass Customer Service Center to ensure the correct license plate is listed and all payment information is up-to-date.

Pay n GO! Peach Pass customers can also benefit from this new partnership, but you MUST CONVERT your account to a Personal Toll Account BEFORE using toll roads in Florida and North Carolina. You can still manage your account with cash via the Pay n GO! Reload Card. Pay n GO! Peach Pass Starter Kits are available at participating CVS/pharmacy® and Walgreens® locations. As an added bonus, when you convert your account, you will receive $5 in free trips. To learn more about this new Peach Pass feature, click here.

More than 750 miles of toll roads are now open to you as a Peach Pass customer.  So as you plan your upcoming inter-state travels, be sure to refer to our map to plan a smarter trip!

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