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How to Participate: 4 Easy Steps

Step One: Have a valid Peach Pass that is associated with a personal toll account in good standing and an Xpress Pass or Breeze Card.

Step Two: Find an Xpress or Gwinnett County Transit (GCT) Route and use a Breeze Card or an Xpress Pass to pay for your commuter bus Qualified Trips. You can use your Breeze card on GCT!

Step Three: Complete the online application here and follow the prompts.

Step Four:  Take Qualified Trips on the commuter bus service in the I-85 corridor and earn toll credits on your Peach Pass account for later trips in the managed lanes! 

SRTA will monitor your Peach Pass personal toll account and your transit transactions associated with the transit pass serial number and automatically credit your Peach Pass account with toll credits as you earn them.


You are eligible if:

  • You use Georgia Regional Transit Authority’s (GRTA) Xpress routes:
    • 410:  Sugarloaf Mills to Lindbergh
    • 411:  Hamilton Mill/Mall of Georgia to Midtown
    • 412:  Sugarloaf Mills to Midtown
    • 413:  Hamilton Mill to Downtown
    • 416:  Dacula to Downtown

or Gwinnett County Transit (GCT) routes:

  • GCT 101:  Buford to Downtown
  • GCT 102:  Indian Trail to Downtown
  • GCT 103:  Sugarloaf Mills to Downtown

(collectively, “Qualified Trips”).

  • • You are a Peach Pass customer with an active personal toll account and valid Peach Pass transponder.
  • You have current1 GRTA Xpress Pass or MARTA Breeze Card.
  • You completed the online application to opt-in2 the program by April 30, 2015, 11:59 PM and are notified of your official start date.


Participation Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a pilot program in which official registration begins on March 16, 2015 and will end on April 30, 2015. Participants can register for the program anytime within the registration timeframe and will be notified of their official start date to begin earning toll credits for riding transit on the I-85 Express Lanes. The program will end six months after your official start date.
  • You will be notified as to your start and end date of the pilot program after you complete the online registration form and your Peach Pass account status is verified.

  • You earn credits when you take Qualified Trips on the commuter bus service, Monday through Friday, between 5:30am -10am and 3pm – 7pm.
  • Your vehicle associated with the transponder number provided on the application may not be in the I-85 Express Lanes at any time between 5:30am-10am and 3pm- 7pm on the days for which credit is sought.

  • You can earn toll credits weekly and credits will be applied to your Peach Pass account monthly.
  • You can register one transit pass (Xpress or Breeze); per valid Peach Pass transponder; per registration - only.

  • Credits earned will be applied to the Peach Pass account by 20th of the following month. (i.e., credits in April will be applied by the 20th of May).
  • You can earn $2.00 per Qualified Trip up to 5 Qualified Trips per month.  A maximum of $10 per month can be earned by a single Peach Pass customer.  A maximum $60 can be earned by a single Peach Pass customer for the initial 6 month trial period per account.

  • Credits cannot be swapped for cash nor transferred from one account to another.  If you close your account before using the credits, you forfeit unused credits.
  • You must use either MARTA’s Breeze Card or GRTA’s Xpress Pass to pay for your Qualified Trips3.

  • It is a condition of your participation that all information supplied by you will be correct, current and complete.  SRTA has the right to refuse or discontinue your participation in this program, including the right to withhold any credits, if we believe you have failed to meet this obligation.  We may contact you to verify the information provided.
  • If a dispute occurs regarding any aspect of this program, including, but not limited to, interpretation of the program requirements, accuracy of the information provided by you, or your eligibility to participate in the program, SRTA shall be the final decision-maker regarding such a dispute.  Any decision by SRTA will be final.

  • The program may be terminated or any of the guidelines may be revised by SRTA at any time, for any reason, with or without notice to you –although SRTA will post all revisions and notices on its website.  In such event, any already-earned credits will not be taken away until such time as you use the credit or close your account.



1You must have a valid Xpress Pass or Breeze card with funds on it that have not expired. If you do not have a transit pass and you would like to participate in the pilot project, you can purchase an Xpress pass at or a MARTA Breeze Card at If your Xpress Pass funds are depleted or expired OR your Breeze card has expired or is lost or stolen, you will need to re-enroll in the program upon the expiration of your pass or when funds run out and register a new pass serial number. Multiple passes cannot be registered at one time. One transit pass, per transponder, per registration only.

2By opting in the program, you are aware that specific trip information (i.e. trip times, locations, fare media, etc.) related to your Breeze Card or Xpress Pass transactions will be used for verification purposes in order to receive toll credits during this pilot program. This information will be used for purposes of program verification and application of toll credits only.

3Neither cash nor Gwinnett County Transit Passes may be used for this program as these methods cannot generate a transaction record. Peach Pass customers that would like to participate can purchase an Xpress pass at  or a MARTA Breeze Card at

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