SRTA Be Safe Together Campaign

About the Campaign

The State Road & Tollway Authority (Peach Pass) is proud to join IBTTA’s Global Road Safety Campaign which showcases the tolling industry’s commitment to ensuring our roads are safe for everyone. Be Safe Together is a call to action and a reminder that every person on the road, including drivers, motorcyclists, passengers, and road workers, is part of a community of people who deserve empathy and respect.
Be Safe Together emphasizes the little choices drivers make at each step of their journey that can make a real difference in others’ lives. By taking care to check the tires and clean the windshield before getting in the car, not texting while driving, using turn signals, yielding to others, and moving over and slowing down for road workers, drivers can work together to create a safer community on the road.
The Be Safe Together campaign is an education and awareness campaign led by IBTTA and championed by fellow member agencies like SRTA and global supporters. Each member agency will be encouraging their customers to “Be Safe Together” through various communications channels such as social media, media engagement, stakeholder outreach, and direct messaging to drivers on the roads, at toll facilities and rest areas, and through newsletters.
For the first time, IBTTA is galvanizing the global tolling industry to broadcast a unified message around our number one priority: safety and we are proud to join them. Join us this summer as we host our first Global Road Safety Week, June 24-28.

Here is a message to Georgia citizens from our Executive Director, Jannine Miller, on the Be Safe Together Campaign.

To learn more facts about road safety see the IBTTA Fact Sheet here:
BST_Fact Sheet_Final.pdf (

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