Additional States

Your Peach Pass also offers reliable travel times in Florida and North Carolina, giving you access to more than 750 miles of toll roads throughout these southeastern states. Your Peach Pass allows you to pay the lower SunPass rates in Florida and NC Quick Pass rates in North Carolina.

How it works

Peach Pass Personal Toll Account Holders
If you have a Peach Pass Personal Toll Account, you can access toll roads in Florida and North Carolina without taking any additional action.

Your Peach Pass must be tied to a valid and current license plate. Check your account online at or contact the Customer Service Center to ensure the correct license plate is listed and all payment information up to date.

BancPass Pay n Go Account Holders
If you have a Pay n Go! Peach Pass Account, you must convert to a Personal Toll Account before you use your pass in Florida or North Carolina. Contact the Customer Service Center to assistance and converting.


NC Quick Pass




Sun Pass Prepaid Toll Program

What if I have a Peach Pass and/or a SunPass and a Quick Pass?

Since you only need one valid transponder for all of your toll transactions in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina, there is no need for multiple accounts. However, if you keep more than one account open, you should not be double charged. We suggest that you check your accounts regularly to ensure all trips are being posted correctly.

What if I close my Peach Pass account and use one of my other toll accounts?

If you close your Peach Pass account, you will be unable to change on toll mode on the I-85 Express Lanes, thereby having to pay for every trip regardless of occupancy.

When will I see my Florida or North Carolina transactions on my Peach Pass account?

Trips in other states may take a little longer, perhaps up to 10 business days, to post to your account.

Are alternative fuel vehicles, motorcycles and carpoolers with SunPass or NC Quick Pass able to be toll-exempt?

No. The only way to take advantage of the toll-exempt feature on the I-85 Express Lanes is to have a Peach Pass and be in non-toll mode. SunPass and Quick Pass do not have the ability to switch to non-toll status.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a transaction in Florida or North Carolina?

Please contact the Peach Pass Customer Service Center at 1-855-PCH-Pass (724-7277).