To protect the security of customer data, SRTA does not store the credit card numbers you enter on your account. After receiving your credit card number within the system, the data is replaced with a token, which is a randomly generated number that cannot be traced back to the original data or information. This is a best practice standard in consumer financial protection and is used by many online retailers and businesses.
If there is no valid debit or credit card associated with your Peach Pass account, the funds will not be automatically replenished, while tolls may continue to be deducted. When there is not enough money in your Peach Pass account to pay a toll, a toll violation is issued. Unpaid toll violations can result in additional penalties and the suspension of your vehicle registration. Keeping your Peach Pass account information up to date will help you avoid toll violations.
If you want to pay tolls with cash, BancPass Pay n Go Starter Kits are available at participating retailers throughout Georgia, including Kroger Money Services. The Starter Kit includes a Peach Pass transponder and a Reload Plus Card. Upon purchase, the account is activated with tolls automatically loaded onto the account. Customers can replenish their BancPass Pay n Go accounts at any participating retailer using cash or a debit card; or through the BancPass phone app or website using a credit card. Please note that BancPass accounts must be opened and managed separately from regular Peach Pass accounts.
Most motorists will get a personal toll account requiring a prepaid balance using a debit or credit card. When a toll is incurred, it is deducted from the prepaid balance. The personal toll account is usually replenished with $20 when the account goes below the low balance threshold of $10, or replenished with $5 when the account goes below $10. Customers may adjust these levels based on their usage. It’s the account holder’s responsibility to maintain a sufficient balance to cover any tolls, fees, and charges. Insufficient account funds result in a toll violation.
Yes. The reason account holders need to periodically update their billing information is because SRTA does not store debit or credit card data. The Peach Pass system also sends customers confirmation messages when activity happens on their accounts, such as receipts for replenishing funds or changing from toll to non-toll modes. This helps customers monitor the proper use of their Peach Passes.
SRTA respects the privacy of its customers. We do not sell or share our customer list with outside marketers. SRTA may use your contact information to communicate with you about your account or to provide new information about your Peach Pass. Anonymous toll-use data is also collected to help with traffic performance. However, SRTA will not allow the use of, or assist any third party to use, anonymous traffic information that might be obtained in a way that associates your personal identifying information, unless required by law or by court order.

To access your Peach Pass account, visit https://mypeachpass.com.

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