What is Peach Pass?

About Peach Pass

A Peach Pass transponder is a small, thin electronic toll collection device that adheres to your vehicle. The Peach Pass is connected to an account established with the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) that automatically deducts the proper tolls when using Georgia Express Lanes. These lanes give commuters the option to bypass traffic along interstates that are within some of the most congested corridors in metro Atlanta.


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Types of Peach Pass Accounts

Personal Account

With a personal account, you have the option to manage an online account and maintain sufficient funds with a debit or credit card to cover tolls and other charges resulting from your use of the Peach Pass. Each time you drive in a Georgia Express Lane, the fee is automatically deducted from your prepaid balance. Up to 10 Peach Passes may be linked to any one Personal Toll Account.

Toll-Exempt Account for use of I-85 Express Lanes ONLY

With a toll-exempt account, the following vehicles are exempt from tolls on the I-85 Express Lane only: a motorcycle, Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) with the proper AFV license plate (does not include hybrid vehicles), or passenger vehicles occupied by three or more people. If you open a toll-exempt account, you must always adhere to these requirements to avoid receiving a toll violation. Learn more about Toll Exempt Accounts on I-85.


A commercial toll account is for companies or businesses with corporate owned, leased or rented vehicles. There are no limitations on the number of Peach Passes that may be linked to a commercial toll account.

Banc Pass Pay n GO!

The Banc Pass Pay n GO! makes Georgia’s electronic tolling system accessible to users who wish to open and manage Peach Pass accounts with cash instead of using a debit or credit card. Much like a prepaid calling card, Banc Pass Pay n GO! can be purchased and reloaded with toll credits where gift cards and prepaid cards are sold. The Banc Pass Pay n GO! is available for purchase at participating CVS, Kroger, Costco and Walgreens.

Learn more about the Banc Pass Pay n GO!.