BancPass Pay n GO! Prepaid Card

The prepaid BancPass Pay n GO! Starter Kit and Reload Cards makes Georgia’s electronic tolling system accessible to users who wish to open and manage Peach Pass accounts with cash instead of using a debit or credit card. Much like a prepaid calling card, the BancPass Pay n GO! Peach Pass can be purchased and reloaded with toll credits where gift cards and prepaid cards are sold. BancPass Pay n GO! Kits are available for purchase at participating CVS, Kroger, and Walgreens locations statewide.

Please watch the following video to see how BancPass works

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BancPass is an approved, licensed vendor of Peach Pass. BancPass is the Peach Pass Pay n Go vendor which provides a pay as you go, cash reloadable toll tag account for users who wish to pay for tolls using cash. The BancPass Pay n Go product has replaced the prior Pay n Go products.

The BancPass Pay n Go program offers new customer features to include:

  • The BancPass Mobile app for account management
  • Monthly statements via email
  • Text balance reminders
All previous Peach Pass Pay n Go reload cards will not be operable. Any reloads to your Pay n Go account must be made through BancPass, the new approved licensed vendor of Peach Pass Pay n Go. Please call 866-978-5061 to transition to BancPass.
Peach Pass Pay n Go reload cards will no longer be used for tolls. All reloads to your Pay n Go account must be made through BancPass. Please call 866-978-5061 to transition to BancPass.

If you have transitioned to the BancPass Pay n Go program, Peach Pass Pay n Go reload cards cannot be associated with your BancPass account; any amount of funds put on a Peach Pass Pay n Go reload card will have to be refunded.  If you have the receipt for the Peach Pass Pay n Go reload card purchase please do the following:

  • Send a copy or photo of the receipt to [email protected]
  • Together with the email to [email protected] please also include:
  • The serial number on the reload card
    • This is the ten-digit number at the bottom right of the card
  • Customer name (First/ last)
  • Customer mailing address
  • A phone number where SRTA can reach you

If you did not transition to the BancPass Pay n Go program please call SRTA at 1-855-724-7277.

The BancPass Pay n Go Starter Kit is $20 and includes:

  • A Peach Pass Transponder
  • A Reload Card
  • Instructions to place the Peach Pass Transponder on the windshield, Terms and Conditions of the program; and
    • $15 worth of tolls loaded onto the account
    • There is a $5 activation fee which is included in the $20 Starter Kit cost

There is a $2.00 fee to reload the account

Starter Kits are available at participating Kroger, CVS, Walgreen’s, and Costco locations throughout Georgia. Visit for participating retailers near you.
You do not need a new Peach Pass transponder to switch to the BancPass Pay n Go program. However, your current Peach Pass transponder must be associated with either a new BancPass Pay n Go reload card or by using the BancPass app. Please call 866-978-5061 to transition to BancPass.
BancPass Pay n Go works on all Express Lanes in Georgia and in any states that accept Peach Pass including E-ZPass, SunPass, E-Pass, and QuickPass facilities.
Reloading your BancPass account has several payment options such as cash, credit or debit card. Additionally, there are multiple ways to process your transaction, including in-store at Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens, online, by phone through BancPass customer service, or via the BancPass app.  For more details please go to
You can view your account balance via the BancPass mobile app or by texting the word BALANCE to 866-978-5061. Text message rates may apply. BancPass service fees may also apply. You will be notified and given an option to opt-out of BancPass service fees prior to being charged. The best way to manage your account is by downloading the app.
The BancPass phone app allows you to register new transponders, view all toll charges, and check account balances. Users can also replenish their account through the mobile app. The BancPass app also provides you with a digital reload card, doing away with the need for paper reload cards. Simply click on the Vehicles tab and reload using the barcode.
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