Peach Pass & E-ZPass: Your Passport to Travel

Last updated: 1/16/24
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Peach Pass is partnering with E-ZPass to enable account holders to travel toll roads across numerous states, using one transponder sticker and one account. With your Peach Pass, you now have a travel passport to visit cities and states across the country.
Both Peach Pass and E-ZPass operate through an electronic toll collection system, which takes cash and coins out of the toll collection process. Instead, drivers establish an account, prepay tolls, and attach a small electronic transponder sticker device to their vehicles. Tolls are automatically deducted from the prepaid account as the customer passes through the toll lane. It’s that easy!
Peach Pass is currently interoperable with Florida’s SunPass, E-Pass and LeeWay, and North Carolina’s QuickPass.
Please see the map highlighting the 18 E-ZPass states now accepting Peach Pass. Look for more states to accept Peach Pass in the coming months.
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Working Together to Enhance Your Ride

Tolling agencies throughout the country are working together so drivers can travel and pay tolls hassle-free in multiple states. Customers using Peach Pass can now enjoy the convenience of traveling on toll roads without worrying about violations or paying cash. Your Peach Pass transponder is accepted in eighteen E-ZPass states with more to come.
Ultimately, the E-ZPass partnership will expand and connect Peach Pass drivers to an increased number of destinations across the country using only their Peach Pass transponder from state to state. Whether traveling local express lanes, planning an out-of-state vacation, or visiting family, Peach Pass is now your passport to a fast, reliable, and convenient traveling experience.

Participating State Toll Agencies

Peach Pass transponders are interoperable, meaning they can also be used as payment for tolls in certain states. Instead of the inconvenience of coins, tokens, and tickets, E-ZPass allows you to pay tolls electronically as you pass through specially equipped toll lanes. Below is a list of participating state toll agencies which accept Peach Pass thru its partnership with E-ZPass. More states will be added soon!

Still Have Questions?

Contact us at 1-855-PCH-PASS (724-7277) to learn more about Peach Pass and our interoperability efforts with E-ZPass. Find out where Peach Pass works today!


A Congestion Business District (CBD), popularly referred to as the Congestion Relief Zone (CRZ), is a tolling zone where users are charged for entering a certain zone. In New York, the CBD includes local streets and avenues in Manhattan at or below 60th St., and excludes trips entirely done on the FDR Drive, West Side Highway/Route 9A, and the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel connections to West Street. If you use a tolled tunnel to enter the CRZ you may be eligible for a crossing credit toward the CRZ toll. To be eligible for crossing credits, you must have a valid E-ZPass or Peach Pass AND have your license plate on your account. If there is no valid E-ZPass or Peach Pass associated with the vehicle license plate, a Tolls by Mail invoice will be mailed to the address of the registered vehicle owner for the CRZ toll incurred.
Toll agencies throughout the country are working together so drivers can travel and pay for tolls in multiple states, hassle-free. Customers using Peach Pass will enjoy the convenience of traveling on toll roads without worrying about violations or having to pay cash. Over time, transponder interoperability benefits drivers by increasing the number of places where they can travel across the country using Peach Pass.
As of January, 2024, Peach Pass customers can use their accounts in the Southeast hub (Florida and North Carolina) and in the following additional E-ZPass states: Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Minnesota and Delaware.
No. Peach Pass customers will not receive a separate bill from the participating state’s tolling authorities. Tolls will be automatically deducted from their Peach Pass account just as they are on local toll roads. Customers will enjoy hassle-free toll road travel throughout the E-ZPass states online to use Peach Pass.
Customers should not have more than one transponder on their vehicle to avoid being charged twice for tolls. They must select which toll account they would like to keep, remove all other transponder from their vehicle’s windshield and close any associated accounts.
It is important to only have one active transponder in your vehicle to avoid duplicate charges.
Peach Pass customers can use their Peach Pass GO! 2.0 mobile app to access both their transponder number and barcode. This will be helpful at gated toll facilities in various states using a cash rate for payment.
The Peach Pass number, license plate number and the state where toll road transactions occurred will be shared via the hubs. Invoices will only be sent if your transponder is not mounted properly, or you have a negative Peach Pass account balance. An invoice will be sent to you from the agency operating the toll road where you traveled.

Statements will be sent by the toll agency that issued the customer’s transponder. Peach Pass statements will include toll charges for travel throughout Georgia and participating states. Customers can check their statements for free online, as sent via email or, for a fee, mailed via USPS.

Toll invoices will only be sent to Peach Pass customers if your transponder is not mounted properly, or you have a negative account balance. An invoice will be sent from the agency operating the toll road where you traveled.

If you are a Peach Pass customer:
You can dispute a toll charge through one of the following methods: Website, Mail/Fax, SRTA Walk-In Center or Peach Pass GO! 2.0 Mobile App. You may also call the Peach Pass Customer Service Center at 1-888-PCH-PASS (724-7277). To submit a dispute online as a Peach Pass account holder, log in to your Peach Pass account, select “Online Support” and follow the steps to submit your dispute.

If you are not a Peach Pass customer but received a Peach Pass Toll Invoice:
Select “Contact Us” on the bottom of the home page and select “Email Peach Pass.” Then, follow the steps to submit your dispute.

If you are a customer of an out-of-state toll agency:
Contact your toll agency for information on how to file a dispute.

Having more than one transponder in your vehicle could allow you to be double charged. We recommend only having one toll account for each vehicle.

We recommend keeping the account from the state you where you travel the most frequently. When deciding which account to close, remember only Peach Pass customers are eligible to travel on the I-85 Express Lanes in non-toll mode with 3 or more occupants.

Only Peach Pass account holders are eligible to travel without paying the toll on I-85 through toll-exempt or non-toll mode accounts. Peach Pass customers are not able to take advantage of occupancy discounts in other states. We recommend keeping the account from the state where you travel the most frequently.

No. The only way to take advantage of the toll-exempt feature on the I-85 Express Lanes is to have a Peach Pass and be in non-toll mode. SunPass and Quick Pass do not have the ability to switch to non-toll status.
Please contact the Peach Pass Customer Service Center at 1-855-PCH-Pass (724-7277).
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