I-285 Express Lanes Transit

The I-285 Top End, Westside and Eastside Express Lanes projects include a new feature for Georgia’s commuters called Express Lanes Transit (ELT). ELT provides a number of benefits to Georgia taxpayers, users of the I-285 Express Lanes system, local communities, and all motorists in the I-285 corridor between either interchange at I-20 on the east and west sides of the metro Atlanta area. For more information on the Major Mobility Investment Program, including the I-285 Express Lanes projects, click here.

I-285 Express Lanes Transit VR Experience

Please click the following links to view the Virtual I-285 Express Lanes Transit Tour and experience how the transit and express lanes transit will work together to alleviate traffic:

How does Express Lanes Transit work?

  • Like all other Georgia Express Lanes, a Peach Pass will be required to use the I-285 Express Lanes. The lanes will function as a seamless expansion of Georgia’s existing express lanes transit network. Motorists who obtain and display a Peach Pass transponder in their windshields can access the express lanes and pay the posted toll via an automated process.
  • Transit operators will still have access to the express lanes, supporting current and future operations as a multi-modal option. The private partner(s) will be required to be responsive to the potential for Express Lanes Transit (ELT) infrastructure/investment in support of the region’s I-285 Top End BRT plan, as is currently being explored by elected officials from cities and counties across the Top End along with The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL), ARC, MARTA, and GDOT.
  • The other MMIP projects and operational express lanes projects remain the same. The MMIP projects will continue to advance and GDOT and SRTA will operate, maintain, and manage toll prices for the express lanes corridors already in operation.
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