Travel Data

Since its creation 2011, Peach Pass has continued to be a useful and valuable tool for commuters to travel to and from work in Metro Atlanta and across the state of Georgia. Georgia uses its Express Lanes to help manage congestion and enhance mobility options for both individuals and businesses. Commuters save time by using the Express Lanes to get to work, their vacations, the airport and any of the countless destinations our toll roads can connect.

For more information about the Peach Pass Express Lanes, please click here for the most recent annual report from SRTA.

The following information below is a breakout of the travel data for the Georgia Express Lanes. This information is updated quarterly by SRTA for public viewing. For more information on the Peach Pass Express Lanes, please contact the SRTA Office of Communications.

Government Partners

Both SRTA & GDOT work together on several planned express lane projects in the state of Georgia to help alleviate traffic congestion statewide.
The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) plans, designs, constructs, maintains, and improves the state’s roads and bridges, and interstate highways, including express lanes projects in Georgia; and provides planning and financial support for other modes of transportation including rail, transit, general aviation, and bicycle and pedestrian programs. The department is also involved in waterways, including the Savannah and Brunswick ports and intracoastal waterway.
Georgia is implementing express lanes to help manage traffic in some of the most congested regions of the state. These lanes provide a choice for drivers to bypass congestion when desired, offer a clear path for transit operators and add an alternative to the roads that exist today.
Here are the links to the planned express lanes projects coming to Metro Atlanta area:
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