Peach Pass has more than one million Peach Pass transponders, and we are still growing, all while adding new features and amenities to improve our services to our customers. It is the goal of the State Road and Tollway Authority to keep you informed and engaged on information related to Peach Pass, our services, policies, and products. This page provides key updates to customers in one location to ensure that you receive relevant and timely resources to assist you with any questions and concerns that you may have.

As always, thank you for helping us to keep moving and for being a loyal Peach Pass Customer!

Peach Pass Centers Holiday Hours
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Peach Pass Holiday Hours of Operation Website
Peach Pass Customer Alert Regarding Timing of Peach Pass Transactions Posted to Customer Accounts

Peach Pass transactions typically take 14 days for a transaction to post to your account, however, it can take up to 30 days in some instances. On occasion, in the event a customer’s Peach Pass transponder is not properly read (which may occur when a transponder is incorrectly placed on the windshield), a manual image review must occur and, in such cases, posting may take up to 45 days. Please also note that if a customer travels the Express Lanes multiple times and the image review process must be engaged, a customer will receive a notification requesting that the customer visit our retail center for a new transponder or assistance with proper placement to prevent customers from incurring a $1.00 assessment fee per trip after the 10th image review. Please contact customer service if you have any questions regarding your Peach Pass account or submit an inquiry online:
Peach Pass Customer Alert Regarding Non-Toll Mode Feature

Registered Peach Pass customers can get the benefit of using the 85 Express Lanes for free if they have alternative fuel vehicles. For customers to receive this benefit, they must change their personal account to non-toll mode. If a customer does not change their personal account to non-toll mode, they will not be considered “toll exempt” and will be charged for the tolls. Please note that interoperability with other states is excluded from the toll exempt feature. For example, if you have a Sun Pass, Quick Pass or E-Z Pass and travel on the 85 Express Lanes, you will be charged the toll because we are interoperable for tolls only.

Locust Grove DDS Operational Update

The Locust Grove DDS walkup location has resumed operations. Customers can also recommence scheduling their appointments by clicking here. We want to thank everyone for their patience and for being loyal Peach Pass customers.

Peach Pass Customer Alert Regarding THIRD PARTY Website

Please be advised that there is an online bill pay website that is called It is a third-party website that indicates that it allows people to pay their online bills via their website. It may appear that is affiliated with the State Road & Tollway Authority or Peach Pass as an authorized vendor.

IT IS NOT. has NO authorization to collect payments for the State Road & Tollway Authority or Peach Pass. may charge customers extra fees and any money paid to them may be lost. The State Road & Tollway Authority and Peach Pass has no control over IF OR WHEN we receive payments made through

This is an example of the payment site (click for larger):

third party website

If you wish to make online payments to the State Road & Tollway Authority for your Peach Pass Account or toll violation fees, go to our page and use the links there:

Thank you for being a loyal Peach Pass Customer.

General Customer Information

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Website and Mobile App Update Website Peach Pass Diagnostics Page
Customer Agreement Update E-Newsletter
Billing and Credit Card Update Website Billing Update and FAQs

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